Tuesday, March 21, 2006

CO: That's true. Stupid emotions always making problems!
BL: who needs em
BL: let's get married and not love anybody but our pets
CO: But my cat is old.
BL: so you can't love old?
CO: I mean, he wont be around for much longer
BL: and by the way, that's the strangest proposal turn down I have ever recieved.
CO: lol
BL: We can get new pets.
CO: true

CO: oh, what the heck.
BL: wait, was that what the heck, what the heck lets get married?
BL: Can we do it in vegas?
CO: sure
CO: oh, wait
CO: i'm not going to vegas
BL: okay then, we'll do it here
BL: how's tomorrow
CO: sounds good
BL: We'll need good wedding pictures for monday.
CO: true. bring your dog. he'll take the pictures
BL: He's gonna be my maid of honor
CO: d'oh!
BL: and Smitey can be the best man
CO: Well, he'll be the "best I can do" mad
CO: man
CO: not mad
CO: his toast will probably suck
BL: I bet he makes great toast
BL: a great toast
BL: not great toast
BL: but he could make that too
BL: honeymoon breakfast courtesy of Smitey
BL: Ketos is a lousy cook.
CO: I don't let him use any kitchen appliances. not since he tried to make breakfast in bed
BL: better'n the shower
CO: true, a toaster in the shower is a bad scene
CO: but eating toast in the shower... save on napkins, no doubt
BL: That's one of the reasons Ketos isn't allowed to cook anymore
CO: did he electrocute himself?
BL: and a gerbil, but we don't talk about that anymore
CO: I try not to talk about gerbils
CO: hamsters on the other hand
CO: I write epic poems about hamsters
BL: I've killed many a hamster.
CO: why? are they tasty?
BL: the crocodile seemed to think so
CO: mmmm...crocodile...
BL: well, to be fair it was a cayman
CO: oh, never mind then
BL: he used to try to eat the cats
BL: but the cats were to smart for him
BL: but every time a hamster bit me I'd thrown them in his tank
CO: serves the hamsters right
CO: and you served the hamsters
CO: they been served
BL: right
BL: also, very few shopping days left until your brides birthday, may I suggest we start having children right away?(Link: http://www.kryptkiddies.com/kryptkiddies1.html)http://www.kryptkiddies.com/kryptkiddies1.html
CO: I hope you don't expect a bday presetn and a wedding present
CO: Nice dollies!
BL: I expect both
BL: from the pets
BL: not from you
CO: fair enough
BL: I wonder if we can get people to send us weddin gifts
BL: we could use some virtual dishware
CO: True. Have you selected patterns? Where should we register?
BL: uh...given the nature of our nuptuals I'm thinking Petsmart.
CO: How abput Petco - that's where the pets go.
BL: I already got everything we need from there, I managed a petco for years
CO: nice!
BL: can I call you "my pet" from now on?
BL: and will you call me "my bride"
BL: ?
CO: hmmm
CO: why do i end up being a pet?
BL: it's so 40's
CO: how about I call you "Sunshine"?
BL: besides, who get's more love and affection than a pet
CO: oh, please?
CO: "bunny fluff"?
BL: I have someone at the office who calls me that and I hate them.
BL: Oh, bunny fluff I like
BL: we can go with bunny fluff
CO: Then it's settled
CO: or
CO: I should say
CO: Then it is settled, Bunny Fluff.
BL: I may have to chage yours to snookums though
CO: that seems fair
CO: And, I see you've already spilled the beans about our wedding!
BL: I couldn't wait
BL: I was so excited
BL: You're a hot property
CO: We haven't even sent out invitations, yet!
BL: we're inviting people?
BL: we don't like anybody
CO: well, maybe not people
CO: but we'll invite something
BL: gibbons?
CO: that'll work.
BL: flamingos
CO: Indeed! And gnomes!
BL: oh well gnomes go witout saying
CO: Sprites?
BL: will carry the flowers
CO: yay!
BL: and a druid can perform the ceremony
CO: Oh!
CO: And we need ghosts! What's a wedding w/o ghosts?
BL: admit it , I'm the perfect wife for you. I invited the ghosts last week
CO: lol it does seem that way
CO: except for the whole reality tv thing
BL: it's what I'll do while you write
CO: fair enough
BL: plus at parties I'll be the one with the pop knowledge and you'll be....everything else
CO: I've always wanted to be everything else!
BL: and now you can be
CO: Wow! All my dreams realized in one day!
BL: just remember who made it come tru
BL: e
CO: Indeed
BL: It'd probably be better if it didn't happen on april fools day...
CO: true
BL: but when we last forever everyone will know it's real
CO: true. but right up until then they'll be expecting it to fall apart
BL: they don't know us
BL: hang on, student needs your fluffy bunny
CO: k
BL: or whatever I am
BL: okay, sorry, his dad's sick and he wanted to talk
BL: he's sensitive
CO: that's very nice of you
BL: he's a good buddy, I'd keep him in my pocket if I weren't gettin married tomorrow
BL: He wants to come to the wedding
BL: He's more lephrichaun than human, can we invite him?
CO: Well, it was bound to happen... some filthy human would come
CO: how much leprichaun exactly?
BL: 96%
BL: and another 4 % is merman
CO: I guess that'll do. Tell him he better bring some Lucky Charms, tho
BL: so only 2% human
CO: Sweet! Can we do our vows in power point?
BL: I want to use Chiller as a font
BL: Oh, that's what we should post on monday
BL: our vows
CO: lol
CO: ok
CO: Oh, this'll be fun!
CO: heheh
BL: now I have a goal for the weekend other than getting my heart broken again
CO: Yeah, that's always a good thing!
BL: I'll be sobbing all over everyone by monday if I see him...but maybe not in the diary, his daughter reads it.
CO: hmm... maybe the wedding will make him mad with jealousy?
BL: you know, if he believed I was getting married I believe he'd have a hard time with it
CO: Yeah
CO: I'm so glad the weekend is here
BL: I'll know if I am or not by later tonight
BL: at least it's gonna rain like hell tomorrow
CO: yay!
CO: rainy saturdya!
CO: that way i wont feel bad about watching cartoons all day
CO: oh, wait
CO: i have to go to a stupid bookstore tupid tomorro to return a stupid book for a friend
CO: stupid
BL: ahem.
CO: oh, right
CO: and get married
CO: that, too
BL: I'm gonna get left at the alter for sure
CO: nah, i woulda remembered
BL: when you saw Smitey in the tux
CO: he would look cute in a penguin suit


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