Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Next month on reality tv:

[17:45] CO: that works, too. maybe you can write an amazing race/american idol crossover?
[17:46] BL: ooohhhh, I like that, I may have to give that some serious thought
[17:46] CO: You should!
[17:47] CO: Throw in some America's Next Top Psychic and you'll be all set.
[17:47] BL: bwahahahah Americas next top psychic, you're picking up toomuch from me.
[17:48] CO: lol
[17:48] CO: that would be a fun show, where veryone knew ahead of time who has getting voted off each episode
[17:49] BL: Anticlimactic though wouldn't you say?]
[17:49] CO: they would just have a moment of despair halfway through where everything is going ok and then one just stops putting their heart into it
[17:50] CO: and they just phone it in, or ham it up out of a sense of fatalism


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