Tuesday, March 21, 2006

It’s not nice to lie to the elderly
[16:39] BL: I'm gonna buy hair color on my way home, I'm getting old and my roots are showin
[16:39] CO: that stinks!
[16:39] CO: what color?/
[16:39] BL: don't matter, it will turn red
[16:40] BL: no matter what color I buy my hair goes red
[16:40] BL: but at least it gets the roots caught up with the rest
[16:40] BL: I'll buy Butterscotch Creme which will have no red in it.
[16:40] BL: I'll take a picture of it for you tomorrow. It will be red
[16:40] CO: lol ok
[16:40] BL: my daddy was a redhead.
[16:40] CO: save some of the butterscotch, tho
[16:41] BL: seriously on the box it looks so good you could eat it with a spoon.
[16:41] BL: just like butterscotch pudding
[16:41] CO: nice
[16:41] BL: on my head? not so much
[16:41] BL: can you see my hair in the eye pic from yesterday?
[16:41] CO: I don't recall
[16:41] BL: That's what happened the last time I used the butterscotch stuff.
[16:42] CO: most pudding looks less edible once it's in someone's hair
[16:42] BL: [LINK]
[16:42] BL: that's so not butterscotch[16:43] CO: you're right. not butterscotchy at all
[16:43] BL: I'd be disappointed if it came out with no red at all though...
[16:43] BL: maybe I won't mess with it
[16:43] BL: Maybe I'll just do the roots
[16:44] CO: does the stuff attract bees or anything?
[16:44] BL: no bees.
[16:44] BL: a couple of school kids around lunchtime
[16:44] CO: lol. do you have school kid repellent?
[16:46] BL: They pretty much run away when I ask them to crawl into the oven
[16:46] CO: hmm... too bad. I could use a snack.
[16:47] BL: I have that poison...er mints?
[16:47] CO: Hmm... think I'll pass. I prefer spearamint to rotting fleshamint
[16:48] BL: fussy boy
[16:48] CO: I'm a fussy eater
[16:48] BL: that cat....er rat slid right down though huh?
[16:49] CO: I wont eat foods with the letter k in them
[16:49] CO: or that come in packs of 17
[16:49] CO: except cake
[16:49] BL: 17 is my lucky number
[16:49] CO: or 17 cakes
[16:49] BL: cake comes in packs of 17?
[16:49] CO: Hopefully
[16:49] BL: ooooh, I have rum cake at home, I'm gonna buy rum on my way home and soak that baby
[16:50] BL: so no baked potatoes
[16:50] BL: no steak
[16:50] CO: well, how many are in the bag?
[16:50] BL: don't matter, they have a K
[16:50] CO: no, that refers to the way they are cooked
[16:50] BL: oh, so they can be prepared with a K just not include a K
[16:51] BL: but still no steak
[16:51] CO: because i'd be in real trouble since there is a k in cook
[16:51] BL: or shake and bake because that's their name as well as how they're cooked
[16:51] BL: please don't eat the cook
[16:51] CO: I make an exception for steak
[16:51] BL: oh you eat everything with K's in it don't you.
[16:51] CO: uh... yeah... that whole thing was a lie
[16:51] BL: I can't believe you lied to me.
[16:51] BL: On
[16:51] BL: My
[16:51] BL: BIRTHDAY
[16:52] BL: :-(
[16:52] CO: I'm lieing to you precisely because it's your birthday. It's your special birthday lie.
[16:52] BL: You're just like those
[16:52] BL: oh.
[16:52] BL: you should have told me that right up front
[16:52] BL: I didn't see the bow on it.
[16:52] CO: Nah, you can't give away the birthday lie. You have to guess it.
[16:53] BL: Do you know, I just cruised over to my message board where I haven't played for MONTHS and there were 2 birthday messages for me?
[16:53] BL: See, we tee vee people are WAY nicer than you book people.
[16:55] CO: Yeah, I guess so... :(
[16:56] BL: it's cause we're not that bright.
[16:56] BL: :-D
[16:56] BL: stupid but happy
[16:56] CO: Nah, it's cuz we book people is pretentious
[16:56] BL: it might be both
[16:56] CO: could be


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