Wednesday, March 22, 2006

If we were in New York we’d be SO overheard!

[15:32] BL: at least I never had hypercolor stretch pants

BL: maybe I could put the crabs in little tiaras

[14:53] BL: I tried learning all of my Italian from old Rosemary Clooney records but it turns out she had crap pronunciation

[14:57] BL: I have no donkey, but apparently it's something he practices because in his little village there are donkeys, and if on e happens to be on his foot he wants to be able to alert someone.

[15:22] BL: plus it's not every day you get a cnn news anchor doing an impression of a chicken hawk

[15:29] BL: there's nothing tastier than a sarcastic lobster.

[15:47] CO: Those are the clear pirates you can put in the microwave

[16:01] BL: And, did you notice that the song has the words "Weenie bake" in it? C'mon. How many songs have the words weenie bake in them?

[16:10] BL: He's sort of an old friend, he's just....
[16:10] BL: irrevocably boring

[16:15] CO: Are you really Liza Minelli??? I always supected as much!

[16:41] BL: We just exchanged like 15 emails about Anderson Cooper's underwear.

[16:48] CO: Perhaps that is why - some kind of reverse hair psychology

[16:57] CO: So sad when good boots die young...

[17:03] BL: You will not be getting homemade stories of Angry wet carnies fighting it out with flashing power rangers like E'beth will.

[17:10] CO: or nom de plumes if you must be a fancy pants!

[17:22] BL: stop fishing. you know exactly how you're like brain porn

[15:52] CO: Can't you give them some kind of chewey candy to shut them up?
[15:52] BL: there are very few teeth involved

[15:55] CO: In fact, that would make a kick ass personal ad - "SWM seeks sidekick for entertainment and to distract the elderly. No freaks."

[16:10] BL: a boy clone of me would likely be an enormous loser now that I think about it

[16:11] BL: I'd never hook up with me, I'm not my type

[16:17] BL: you could have say, a picture of Charles Dickens and it could say
[16:17] BL: sure I'm dead but at least I'm not David sedaris


Blogger E-Beth said...

did I ever send you the carnie story?

10:00 AM  
Blogger oomm said...'re an evil tease.

6:55 PM  

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