Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I blame the clams

[16:48] BL: I think I got amnesiac clam disease
[16:48] CO: what is an amnesiac clam?
[16:49] BL: no, it's a disease you get from eating clams that were exposed to red tied
[16:49] BL: or tide
[16:49] BL: depending
[16:49] CO: I'm sure either of them would do it. Is it a real disease?
[16:50] BL: It is.
[16:50] BL: I just heard of it for the first time the other day but I guess it's been around for a long time
[16:50] BL: We knew there was paralytic c.d.
[16:50] BL: but I had never heard of the amnesiac
[16:50] CO: And it makes you lose your memory?
[16:50] BL: Short term only
[16:50] BL: but you can die from it too
[16:50] CO: like, how much do you forget?
[16:51] BL: I dunno, I just started doing the research
[16:51] BL: Oh, I got a new book last night, I'm so excited
[16:51] BL: It's another Oliver Sack book
[16:51] BL: I love him
[16:51] CO: Oh, I thought it would be the new RB Bovious book
[16:51] BL: Uh, I think I've read all of those
[16:52] BL: No Oliver is my man, he wrote "The man who mistook his wife for a hat"
[16:52] CO: Well, a new one is due out any time. Perhaps after Beth gets back from vegas.
[16:52] BL: You can't beat that for a title.
[16:52] CO: Uh, oh! You do have some hat like qualities.
[16:52] BL: Oh, you know I wonder if they'll make any of the Bovious stuff into movies.
[16:52] BL: Name my hatlike qualities.
[16:52] CO: they might. who knows?
[16:53] CO: well, you protect my head from the elements.
[16:53] BL: (correct answer: You're over my head.)
[16:54] CO: sorry!
[16:55] CO: next time I'll know
[16:55] BL: You'd think a husband of mine would be quicker with a punchline
[16:55] CO: in fact, by missing the answer it only goes to show how much over my head you are
[16:55] CO: you are more pun-sensitive than I
[16:55] BL: there is that
[17:01] CO: Did you like the Joanna Newsome song I put on your CD?
[17:02] BL: remind me which one that was.
[17:02] BL: I don't remember by name
[17:02] BL: I know I totally loved the one about the crazy girl
[17:02] BL: I want to marry that song
[17:03] CO: Oh, that was "Girl Anachronism". I went to High School with the singer/pianist in the band.
[17:03] BL: I'm moving into that song
[17:03] BL: oh, no, i know which song you mean now
[17:03] CO: Iflamatory Writ
[17:03] BL: That was a good song, I had a hard time with some of the lyrics (paying attention, I'd get lost in the tune) but it was good
[17:04] CO: I love her voice. She sounds like a little girl pretending to be a gorwn up.
[17:04] BL: Hey, the piano song, I think it was the piano song...no, it might have been the punk song, anyway, does one of the songs on the cd you made me have gamalan music?
[17:04] CO: I don't know what gamalan is
[17:05] BL: sigh
[17:05] CO: sorry
[17:05] BL: (Link: http://www.seasite.niu.edu/Indonesian/Budaya_Bangsa/Gamelan/Main_Page/main_page.htm)http://www.seasite.niu.edu/Indonesian/Budaya_Bangsa/Gamelan/Main_Page/main_page.htm
[17:06] CO: I don't have real player installed on this machine
[17:06] CO: but I'm guessing, "No".
[17:07] BL: it really sounds like gamalan


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