Tuesday, March 21, 2006


[17:36] BL: How's Smitey?
[17:36] CO: Fat
[17:37] CO: Not that I should talk!
[17:37] CO: Oh, and now he is into playing with my shoes
[17:37] CO: He's such an attention hound, too
[17:37] BL: My cat just sleeps in them.
[17:37] BL: Your shoes that is.
[17:37] CO: probably the only reason he plays with my shoes is because I get annoyed when he does
[17:38] CO: Is that who the cat is plotting with?
[17:38] CO: I'll keep that in mind
[17:38] BL: Maybe he wants his own shoes?
[17:38] CO: maybe. I don't know where I'd find shoes that fit him. Perhaps at the gnome store. Gnome depot.
[17:39] CO: there is probably special gnomenclature for shoes that small
[17:39] BL: gnomenclature...snork!
[17:39] CO: I've been waiting years to use that one
[17:40] BL: I'm honored
[17:40] BL: or horrored.
[17:40] BL: I'll get back to you on that
[17:40] CO: well, you did come up with my gnome de plume
[17:40] BL: how's that going by the way? are we back to children's stories?
[17:41] CO: I'm not sure yet. I can't seem to stick with anything.
[17:41] CO: but i suppose that is gnomal.
[17:41] BL: I've been looking for my muse everywhere but can't find it gnowhere
[17:41] CO: lol
[17:42] CO: have you tried strawberries muse-ic?
[17:42] BL: dang, I'm sure there's a clever response to that, but I just don't have it.


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