Tuesday, March 21, 2006

CO: I wish I could leave early today
CO: I'm tired and I worked through lunch
CO: But I got in late - feh
BL: It's probably somewhere in your office books that you can leave early if you get married the weekend before
CO: Quite possibly. But they'd probably get all pissy about not being invited
BL: are they ghosts?
CO: Sadly, no. That would be cool, tho
CO: It would be a lot of fun to work for ghosts
BL: well then you can plainly see why they weren't invited
CO: True. I could just tell them that only legendary creatures were allowed in. Loch Ness monsters, etc
BL: well, maybe they think they're legendary
CO: Ha! They can think whatever they want. At best they are two dimensional stereotypes.
BL: Are they made out of cardboard?
BL: Cause that might have been fun at the weddin.
CO: Oh, yes, indeed! We could have used them to prop up the table with the short leg.
CO: oh, now that we are married, will i get the power to tell if a shrimp is a bay shrimp?
BL: Oh no, you don't get that secret until at least anniversary 5
CO: but what if there is an emergency and I really, really need to know if a given shrimp is a bay shrimp?
BL: then you will ask your fluffy bunny.
CO: oh, fine. You're know fun.
CO: whoops
CO: I mean "no fun"
BL: I married you for your typos
BL: and your hippos
BL: but mostly your typos
CO: lol thanks. I can't type to save my life. But I have lovely hippos.
BL: with very long eyelashes
CO: Do hippos have eyelashes?
BL: lovely ones
BL: oh those crocks are babies
CO: Well, I never noticed.
BL: typical male
CO: To think I've had hippos all these years and never noticed their eyelashes
CO: yeah, it's pretty amazing how little we notice
BL: silly boys


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