Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Breaking up over Pixelbee?

[17:22] CO: Oh, the pixelbee guy?
[17:22] BL: yeah
[17:22] BL: I loved his diary
[17:23] BL: Paul just never updated, he was more interested in his drawings and his robots
[17:23] CO: oic. His cartoons are fantastic. The titles he gives them make my spine tingle.
[17:23] BL: but I loved his perspectives
[17:23] BL: I wrote him once to tell him how genius I thought he was
[17:23] CO: did he delete all your notes after that?
[17:24] BL: and he wrote me a lovely email back and said he checked out my diary and he took the labrat pic and cleaned up the edges for me and gave it back.
[17:24] BL: No, he didn't delete anything. He was lovely.
[17:24] BL: I'm a little in love with him.
[17:24] CO: Now the truth comes out...
[17:24] BL: well, my husband forgets that he married me you see
[17:25] CO: lol, nice
[17:25] BL: (typed that as marred me initially and thought about leaving it.)
[17:25] CO: I'm not into that sort of stuff!
[17:25] BL: You know, this drowing man of yours writes alot like charley did in the early days
[17:25] BL: not even with your wife?
[17:25] BL: I want a divorce.
[17:25] CO: lol
[17:26] BL: I refuse to remain umarred
[17:26] CO: that would be another entry that would write itself. Transcripts from the hearing
[17:26] BL: I would say I caught you cavorting with sprites
[17:26] CO: oh, indeed!
[17:26] CO: Or maybe dryads?
[17:27] BL: I could say that your cat was smiting me
[17:27] CO: He does that sometimes
[17:27] BL: I'm gonna get all your pencils in the settlement
[17:28] CO: oh, you may think that...
[17:28] BL: I'll get a very good lawyer
[17:28] BL: a real dragon
[17:29] CO: you're forgetting I'm heat resistant.
[17:29] BL: but the claws...oh the claws
[17:29] BL: it's right here in the vows
[17:30] BL: claws 3.4
[17:30] BL: hehe
[17:30] CO: lol
[17:30] CO: I forgot about the pre-nup
[17:30] BL: always beware a woman who spends all her time in the city of witches
[17:31] CO: I should hav seen that coming - it didn't take a crystal ball.


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