Tuesday, March 21, 2006

BL: We never did it on the kitchen floor.
NJB: I think the only places we’ve been with kitchens have been hotels and restaruants. I’m quite sure the Barking Crab would have frowned on us fucking in their kitchen.
BL: Good point. Not that I’d have gone anywhere near that floor.
NJB: Exactly. Next time I’m in the states we could always rent a house.
BL: Are you flirting with me [his last name]?
NJB: I might be.
BL: Interesting.
NJB: You started it.
BL: Very adult of you. And no, I did not.
BL: I only made a statement.
NJB: A provocative statement.
BL: Perhaps. Didn’t mean you had to respond in kind.
NJB: Look up provocative. I’ll wait.
BL: shut up.
NJB: Very adult of you.
BL: It could be worse. I could be on the radio talking about our sex life.
NJB: Not your style. Thankfully. You may be the only one.
BL: Other than J. Wait, M didn’t did she?
NJB: Magazine article.
BL: I missed that, thank God, don’t’ think I could have taken it.
NJB: She was more telling than T. What is it with these women?
BL: I’d expect it from T and the arm candy, but M? I wouldn’t have. You have the tendency to date one normal girl, one freak, one normal girl…M was supposed to be normal.
NJB: Freak=T, then you…please tell me you aren’t casting yourself as the normal girl?
BL: In the group that includes T and the arm candy? Yes. I am. You have a problem with that?
NJB: Suppose not when you put it that way. Though I’d never really thought of you as normal.
BL: I’ll choose to take that as a compliment.
NJB: It was. Primarily.
BL: Besides I’m saving up all my dirt for the tell-all book.
NJB: I’d read that book.
NJB: I’d skip a few chapters, but I’d read it.
BL: I wonder which chapters you’d skip.
NJB: I’ve no interest in what goes on when you and C close the door behind you.
BL: You could learn something
NJB: I very much doubt that.
NJB: I don’t recall complaints
BL: Well, other than not having done it on the kitchen floor.
NJB: I’m absolved of that one, we went over that. If you had ever agreed to come to MY kitchen I’m sure there would have been much debauchery on every floor.
BL: It’s not so much the kitchen floor as what it represents.
BL: oh, really, every floor? I didn’t think there was much room on most of your floors for debauchery

NJB: What could the kitchen floor possibly represent other than a kitchen floor?
BL: Forget it, sorry I brought it up.
NJB: Too late. Go on.
BL: seriously, let it go.
NJB: Can’t. Won’t. Might as well have it done with.
BL: I really don’t want to do this with you right now.
NJB: Why not?
BL: In the beginning I was just playing around, but I don’t want to get all…whatever now, we’re doing so well, not wanting to stab each other in the eyes.
NJB: Tell me what the kitchen floor represents and I promise not to stab you in the eyes.
BL: passion.
BL: like that, unplanned, can’t wait two seconds to get my hands on you…
BL: whatever. Nevermind.
NJB: The fact that I very nearly raped you in the elevator of some hotel with the porter standing not inches from us notwithstanding apparently.
BL: Well, yeah, there was that.
NJB: And I seem to recall with great fondness a certain pair of pants I could never wear again after a particularly active limo ride.
BL: Well, everyone does it in the limo, that hardly counts.
NJB: Not like that they don’t. We had a 2 minute ride.
BL: Seemed longer.
NJB: Because the driver had to keep cirlcling the restauraunt
BL: Did he? I didn’t notice.
NJB: I imagine not. I hadn’t either until Warren asked me how the hell we got lost circling round the place. They were watching us drive past.
BL: Good grief.
NJB: I miss you.
BL: You have arm candy. Hasn’t she moved in?
NJB: Turns out you can’t make conversation with sweets.
BL: So you miss talking to me.
NJB: Amoung other more ambitious pursuits.
BL: and we’re back to flirting.
NJB: I could stop.
BL: or…
NJB: Or you could imagine the smile on my face when you give me permission to continue.
BL: done.
NJB: are you sure? You know we aren’t all that good at walking away.
BL: I’m used to hurting over you, I might as well get the good stuff in between.
[edited because you don’t want to hear the rest]


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