Tuesday, March 21, 2006

BL: How was the meet and greet?

NJB: They always have their nails done.

NJB: It’s the strangest thing.

BL: The girls at the greet?

NJB: Yeah. I never notice at the time, but we were going through some photos for some project or another and I noticed. They all had their nails done.

NJB: Were we supposed to fall in love with them instantly due to the colour or length?

BL: They’re always tarted up to epic proportions. I’m surprised you noticed the nails.

NJB: I always notice small things.

BL: I know you do, I didn’t mean that I was surprised at your attention to detail, I meant that I was surprised that it didn’t seem to you that every woman lives her life tarted to the nines with bustiers and perfect nails. Given that your brushes with most “normal girls” tend to be in fan situations.

NJB: That isn’t true at all. I happen to have a number of women in my daily life, thank you very much.

BL: No need to remind me of your estrogen surplus, that’s how we end up in fights.

NJB: I didn’t necessarily mean romantic entanglements.

NJB: I can’t recall, were your nails done the last time I saw you?

BL: The very last time? As in when you were screaming after me that I was being childish as I ran away? That time? Yes.

NJB: I do not scream.

BL: don’t you? (insert suggestive eyebrow waggle)

NJB: Certainly not. You know better.

BL: Shouting then.

NJB: Oh, I’ve been known to shout.


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