Wednesday, March 22, 2006

If we were in New York we’d be SO overheard!

[15:32] BL: at least I never had hypercolor stretch pants

BL: maybe I could put the crabs in little tiaras

[14:53] BL: I tried learning all of my Italian from old Rosemary Clooney records but it turns out she had crap pronunciation

[14:57] BL: I have no donkey, but apparently it's something he practices because in his little village there are donkeys, and if on e happens to be on his foot he wants to be able to alert someone.

[15:22] BL: plus it's not every day you get a cnn news anchor doing an impression of a chicken hawk

[15:29] BL: there's nothing tastier than a sarcastic lobster.

[15:47] CO: Those are the clear pirates you can put in the microwave

[16:01] BL: And, did you notice that the song has the words "Weenie bake" in it? C'mon. How many songs have the words weenie bake in them?

[16:10] BL: He's sort of an old friend, he's just....
[16:10] BL: irrevocably boring

[16:15] CO: Are you really Liza Minelli??? I always supected as much!

[16:41] BL: We just exchanged like 15 emails about Anderson Cooper's underwear.

[16:48] CO: Perhaps that is why - some kind of reverse hair psychology

[16:57] CO: So sad when good boots die young...

[17:03] BL: You will not be getting homemade stories of Angry wet carnies fighting it out with flashing power rangers like E'beth will.

[17:10] CO: or nom de plumes if you must be a fancy pants!

[17:22] BL: stop fishing. you know exactly how you're like brain porn

[15:52] CO: Can't you give them some kind of chewey candy to shut them up?
[15:52] BL: there are very few teeth involved

[15:55] CO: In fact, that would make a kick ass personal ad - "SWM seeks sidekick for entertainment and to distract the elderly. No freaks."

[16:10] BL: a boy clone of me would likely be an enormous loser now that I think about it

[16:11] BL: I'd never hook up with me, I'm not my type

[16:17] BL: you could have say, a picture of Charles Dickens and it could say
[16:17] BL: sure I'm dead but at least I'm not David sedaris

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

[15:55] BL: I need to be segregated.
[15:55] CO: True.
[15:56] CO: You need to be partitioned off from the unwashed massess.
[15:56] BL: exactly
[15:56] BL: I need to be with the unwashed singles
[15:56] CO: Sounds like a horrible dating website -
BL: How was the meet and greet?

NJB: They always have their nails done.

NJB: It’s the strangest thing.

BL: The girls at the greet?

NJB: Yeah. I never notice at the time, but we were going through some photos for some project or another and I noticed. They all had their nails done.

NJB: Were we supposed to fall in love with them instantly due to the colour or length?

BL: They’re always tarted up to epic proportions. I’m surprised you noticed the nails.

NJB: I always notice small things.

BL: I know you do, I didn’t mean that I was surprised at your attention to detail, I meant that I was surprised that it didn’t seem to you that every woman lives her life tarted to the nines with bustiers and perfect nails. Given that your brushes with most “normal girls” tend to be in fan situations.

NJB: That isn’t true at all. I happen to have a number of women in my daily life, thank you very much.

BL: No need to remind me of your estrogen surplus, that’s how we end up in fights.

NJB: I didn’t necessarily mean romantic entanglements.

NJB: I can’t recall, were your nails done the last time I saw you?

BL: The very last time? As in when you were screaming after me that I was being childish as I ran away? That time? Yes.

NJB: I do not scream.

BL: don’t you? (insert suggestive eyebrow waggle)

NJB: Certainly not. You know better.

BL: Shouting then.

NJB: Oh, I’ve been known to shout.
BL: We never did it on the kitchen floor.
NJB: I think the only places we’ve been with kitchens have been hotels and restaruants. I’m quite sure the Barking Crab would have frowned on us fucking in their kitchen.
BL: Good point. Not that I’d have gone anywhere near that floor.
NJB: Exactly. Next time I’m in the states we could always rent a house.
BL: Are you flirting with me [his last name]?
NJB: I might be.
BL: Interesting.
NJB: You started it.
BL: Very adult of you. And no, I did not.
BL: I only made a statement.
NJB: A provocative statement.
BL: Perhaps. Didn’t mean you had to respond in kind.
NJB: Look up provocative. I’ll wait.
BL: shut up.
NJB: Very adult of you.
BL: It could be worse. I could be on the radio talking about our sex life.
NJB: Not your style. Thankfully. You may be the only one.
BL: Other than J. Wait, M didn’t did she?
NJB: Magazine article.
BL: I missed that, thank God, don’t’ think I could have taken it.
NJB: She was more telling than T. What is it with these women?
BL: I’d expect it from T and the arm candy, but M? I wouldn’t have. You have the tendency to date one normal girl, one freak, one normal girl…M was supposed to be normal.
NJB: Freak=T, then you…please tell me you aren’t casting yourself as the normal girl?
BL: In the group that includes T and the arm candy? Yes. I am. You have a problem with that?
NJB: Suppose not when you put it that way. Though I’d never really thought of you as normal.
BL: I’ll choose to take that as a compliment.
NJB: It was. Primarily.
BL: Besides I’m saving up all my dirt for the tell-all book.
NJB: I’d read that book.
NJB: I’d skip a few chapters, but I’d read it.
BL: I wonder which chapters you’d skip.
NJB: I’ve no interest in what goes on when you and C close the door behind you.
BL: You could learn something
NJB: I very much doubt that.
NJB: I don’t recall complaints
BL: Well, other than not having done it on the kitchen floor.
NJB: I’m absolved of that one, we went over that. If you had ever agreed to come to MY kitchen I’m sure there would have been much debauchery on every floor.
BL: It’s not so much the kitchen floor as what it represents.
BL: oh, really, every floor? I didn’t think there was much room on most of your floors for debauchery

NJB: What could the kitchen floor possibly represent other than a kitchen floor?
BL: Forget it, sorry I brought it up.
NJB: Too late. Go on.
BL: seriously, let it go.
NJB: Can’t. Won’t. Might as well have it done with.
BL: I really don’t want to do this with you right now.
NJB: Why not?
BL: In the beginning I was just playing around, but I don’t want to get all…whatever now, we’re doing so well, not wanting to stab each other in the eyes.
NJB: Tell me what the kitchen floor represents and I promise not to stab you in the eyes.
BL: passion.
BL: like that, unplanned, can’t wait two seconds to get my hands on you…
BL: whatever. Nevermind.
NJB: The fact that I very nearly raped you in the elevator of some hotel with the porter standing not inches from us notwithstanding apparently.
BL: Well, yeah, there was that.
NJB: And I seem to recall with great fondness a certain pair of pants I could never wear again after a particularly active limo ride.
BL: Well, everyone does it in the limo, that hardly counts.
NJB: Not like that they don’t. We had a 2 minute ride.
BL: Seemed longer.
NJB: Because the driver had to keep cirlcling the restauraunt
BL: Did he? I didn’t notice.
NJB: I imagine not. I hadn’t either until Warren asked me how the hell we got lost circling round the place. They were watching us drive past.
BL: Good grief.
NJB: I miss you.
BL: You have arm candy. Hasn’t she moved in?
NJB: Turns out you can’t make conversation with sweets.
BL: So you miss talking to me.
NJB: Amoung other more ambitious pursuits.
BL: and we’re back to flirting.
NJB: I could stop.
BL: or…
NJB: Or you could imagine the smile on my face when you give me permission to continue.
BL: done.
NJB: are you sure? You know we aren’t all that good at walking away.
BL: I’m used to hurting over you, I might as well get the good stuff in between.
[edited because you don’t want to hear the rest]
[15:04] BL: I have an uncle who did dive photography for National Geographic.
[15:04] CO: Oh, the black sheep of the family, no doubt.
[15:05] BL: He hid a piece of fudge in every photo.
[15:05] CO: Well, I guess that counts for something...
[15:05] BL: It was like, where's waldo.
Oh wise one.

[17:26] CO: I would hate to expose my email address to people who would pay good money for belly button lint, tho
[17:26] BL: create a fake
[17:26] BL: geez, do I gotta teach you everything?
Next month on reality tv:

[17:45] CO: that works, too. maybe you can write an amazing race/american idol crossover?
[17:46] BL: ooohhhh, I like that, I may have to give that some serious thought
[17:46] CO: You should!
[17:47] CO: Throw in some America's Next Top Psychic and you'll be all set.
[17:47] BL: bwahahahah Americas next top psychic, you're picking up toomuch from me.
[17:48] CO: lol
[17:48] CO: that would be a fun show, where veryone knew ahead of time who has getting voted off each episode
[17:49] BL: Anticlimactic though wouldn't you say?]
[17:49] CO: they would just have a moment of despair halfway through where everything is going ok and then one just stops putting their heart into it
[17:50] CO: and they just phone it in, or ham it up out of a sense of fatalism

[17:36] BL: How's Smitey?
[17:36] CO: Fat
[17:37] CO: Not that I should talk!
[17:37] CO: Oh, and now he is into playing with my shoes
[17:37] CO: He's such an attention hound, too
[17:37] BL: My cat just sleeps in them.
[17:37] BL: Your shoes that is.
[17:37] CO: probably the only reason he plays with my shoes is because I get annoyed when he does
[17:38] CO: Is that who the cat is plotting with?
[17:38] CO: I'll keep that in mind
[17:38] BL: Maybe he wants his own shoes?
[17:38] CO: maybe. I don't know where I'd find shoes that fit him. Perhaps at the gnome store. Gnome depot.
[17:39] CO: there is probably special gnomenclature for shoes that small
[17:39] BL: gnomenclature...snork!
[17:39] CO: I've been waiting years to use that one
[17:40] BL: I'm honored
[17:40] BL: or horrored.
[17:40] BL: I'll get back to you on that
[17:40] CO: well, you did come up with my gnome de plume
[17:40] BL: how's that going by the way? are we back to children's stories?
[17:41] CO: I'm not sure yet. I can't seem to stick with anything.
[17:41] CO: but i suppose that is gnomal.
[17:41] BL: I've been looking for my muse everywhere but can't find it gnowhere
[17:41] CO: lol
[17:42] CO: have you tried strawberries muse-ic?
[17:42] BL: dang, I'm sure there's a clever response to that, but I just don't have it.
Breaking up over Pixelbee?

[17:22] CO: Oh, the pixelbee guy?
[17:22] BL: yeah
[17:22] BL: I loved his diary
[17:23] BL: Paul just never updated, he was more interested in his drawings and his robots
[17:23] CO: oic. His cartoons are fantastic. The titles he gives them make my spine tingle.
[17:23] BL: but I loved his perspectives
[17:23] BL: I wrote him once to tell him how genius I thought he was
[17:23] CO: did he delete all your notes after that?
[17:24] BL: and he wrote me a lovely email back and said he checked out my diary and he took the labrat pic and cleaned up the edges for me and gave it back.
[17:24] BL: No, he didn't delete anything. He was lovely.
[17:24] BL: I'm a little in love with him.
[17:24] CO: Now the truth comes out...
[17:24] BL: well, my husband forgets that he married me you see
[17:25] CO: lol, nice
[17:25] BL: (typed that as marred me initially and thought about leaving it.)
[17:25] CO: I'm not into that sort of stuff!
[17:25] BL: You know, this drowing man of yours writes alot like charley did in the early days
[17:25] BL: not even with your wife?
[17:25] BL: I want a divorce.
[17:25] CO: lol
[17:26] BL: I refuse to remain umarred
[17:26] CO: that would be another entry that would write itself. Transcripts from the hearing
[17:26] BL: I would say I caught you cavorting with sprites
[17:26] CO: oh, indeed!
[17:26] CO: Or maybe dryads?
[17:27] BL: I could say that your cat was smiting me
[17:27] CO: He does that sometimes
[17:27] BL: I'm gonna get all your pencils in the settlement
[17:28] CO: oh, you may think that...
[17:28] BL: I'll get a very good lawyer
[17:28] BL: a real dragon
[17:29] CO: you're forgetting I'm heat resistant.
[17:29] BL: but the claws...oh the claws
[17:29] BL: it's right here in the vows
[17:30] BL: claws 3.4
[17:30] BL: hehe
[17:30] CO: lol
[17:30] CO: I forgot about the pre-nup
[17:30] BL: always beware a woman who spends all her time in the city of witches
[17:31] CO: I should hav seen that coming - it didn't take a crystal ball.
I blame the clams

[16:48] BL: I think I got amnesiac clam disease
[16:48] CO: what is an amnesiac clam?
[16:49] BL: no, it's a disease you get from eating clams that were exposed to red tied
[16:49] BL: or tide
[16:49] BL: depending
[16:49] CO: I'm sure either of them would do it. Is it a real disease?
[16:50] BL: It is.
[16:50] BL: I just heard of it for the first time the other day but I guess it's been around for a long time
[16:50] BL: We knew there was paralytic c.d.
[16:50] BL: but I had never heard of the amnesiac
[16:50] CO: And it makes you lose your memory?
[16:50] BL: Short term only
[16:50] BL: but you can die from it too
[16:50] CO: like, how much do you forget?
[16:51] BL: I dunno, I just started doing the research
[16:51] BL: Oh, I got a new book last night, I'm so excited
[16:51] BL: It's another Oliver Sack book
[16:51] BL: I love him
[16:51] CO: Oh, I thought it would be the new RB Bovious book
[16:51] BL: Uh, I think I've read all of those
[16:52] BL: No Oliver is my man, he wrote "The man who mistook his wife for a hat"
[16:52] CO: Well, a new one is due out any time. Perhaps after Beth gets back from vegas.
[16:52] BL: You can't beat that for a title.
[16:52] CO: Uh, oh! You do have some hat like qualities.
[16:52] BL: Oh, you know I wonder if they'll make any of the Bovious stuff into movies.
[16:52] BL: Name my hatlike qualities.
[16:52] CO: they might. who knows?
[16:53] CO: well, you protect my head from the elements.
[16:53] BL: (correct answer: You're over my head.)
[16:54] CO: sorry!
[16:55] CO: next time I'll know
[16:55] BL: You'd think a husband of mine would be quicker with a punchline
[16:55] CO: in fact, by missing the answer it only goes to show how much over my head you are
[16:55] CO: you are more pun-sensitive than I
[16:55] BL: there is that
[17:01] CO: Did you like the Joanna Newsome song I put on your CD?
[17:02] BL: remind me which one that was.
[17:02] BL: I don't remember by name
[17:02] BL: I know I totally loved the one about the crazy girl
[17:02] BL: I want to marry that song
[17:03] CO: Oh, that was "Girl Anachronism". I went to High School with the singer/pianist in the band.
[17:03] BL: I'm moving into that song
[17:03] BL: oh, no, i know which song you mean now
[17:03] CO: Iflamatory Writ
[17:03] BL: That was a good song, I had a hard time with some of the lyrics (paying attention, I'd get lost in the tune) but it was good
[17:04] CO: I love her voice. She sounds like a little girl pretending to be a gorwn up.
[17:04] BL: Hey, the piano song, I think it was the piano, it might have been the punk song, anyway, does one of the songs on the cd you made me have gamalan music?
[17:04] CO: I don't know what gamalan is
[17:05] BL: sigh
[17:05] CO: sorry
[17:05] BL: (Link:
[17:06] CO: I don't have real player installed on this machine
[17:06] CO: but I'm guessing, "No".
[17:07] BL: it really sounds like gamalan
CO: I wish I could leave early today
CO: I'm tired and I worked through lunch
CO: But I got in late - feh
BL: It's probably somewhere in your office books that you can leave early if you get married the weekend before
CO: Quite possibly. But they'd probably get all pissy about not being invited
BL: are they ghosts?
CO: Sadly, no. That would be cool, tho
CO: It would be a lot of fun to work for ghosts
BL: well then you can plainly see why they weren't invited
CO: True. I could just tell them that only legendary creatures were allowed in. Loch Ness monsters, etc
BL: well, maybe they think they're legendary
CO: Ha! They can think whatever they want. At best they are two dimensional stereotypes.
BL: Are they made out of cardboard?
BL: Cause that might have been fun at the weddin.
CO: Oh, yes, indeed! We could have used them to prop up the table with the short leg.
CO: oh, now that we are married, will i get the power to tell if a shrimp is a bay shrimp?
BL: Oh no, you don't get that secret until at least anniversary 5
CO: but what if there is an emergency and I really, really need to know if a given shrimp is a bay shrimp?
BL: then you will ask your fluffy bunny.
CO: oh, fine. You're know fun.
CO: whoops
CO: I mean "no fun"
BL: I married you for your typos
BL: and your hippos
BL: but mostly your typos
CO: lol thanks. I can't type to save my life. But I have lovely hippos.
BL: with very long eyelashes
CO: Do hippos have eyelashes?
BL: lovely ones
BL: oh those crocks are babies
CO: Well, I never noticed.
BL: typical male
CO: To think I've had hippos all these years and never noticed their eyelashes
CO: yeah, it's pretty amazing how little we notice
BL: silly boys
CO: How is my lovely bride doing today?
BL: peachy keen jelly been
BL: now you're sorry you married me huh.
CO: lol nope
CO: I kinda miss my eyebrows, tho
BL: poor thing,
BL: we'll buy you a merkin and cut it down
CO: ugh
CO: uh, no thanks
BL: c'mon
BL: it'll be a conversation piece
CO: that is an understatement
CO: That's true. Stupid emotions always making problems!
BL: who needs em
BL: let's get married and not love anybody but our pets
CO: But my cat is old.
BL: so you can't love old?
CO: I mean, he wont be around for much longer
BL: and by the way, that's the strangest proposal turn down I have ever recieved.
CO: lol
BL: We can get new pets.
CO: true

CO: oh, what the heck.
BL: wait, was that what the heck, what the heck lets get married?
BL: Can we do it in vegas?
CO: sure
CO: oh, wait
CO: i'm not going to vegas
BL: okay then, we'll do it here
BL: how's tomorrow
CO: sounds good
BL: We'll need good wedding pictures for monday.
CO: true. bring your dog. he'll take the pictures
BL: He's gonna be my maid of honor
CO: d'oh!
BL: and Smitey can be the best man
CO: Well, he'll be the "best I can do" mad
CO: man
CO: not mad
CO: his toast will probably suck
BL: I bet he makes great toast
BL: a great toast
BL: not great toast
BL: but he could make that too
BL: honeymoon breakfast courtesy of Smitey
BL: Ketos is a lousy cook.
CO: I don't let him use any kitchen appliances. not since he tried to make breakfast in bed
BL: better'n the shower
CO: true, a toaster in the shower is a bad scene
CO: but eating toast in the shower... save on napkins, no doubt
BL: That's one of the reasons Ketos isn't allowed to cook anymore
CO: did he electrocute himself?
BL: and a gerbil, but we don't talk about that anymore
CO: I try not to talk about gerbils
CO: hamsters on the other hand
CO: I write epic poems about hamsters
BL: I've killed many a hamster.
CO: why? are they tasty?
BL: the crocodile seemed to think so
CO: mmmm...crocodile...
BL: well, to be fair it was a cayman
CO: oh, never mind then
BL: he used to try to eat the cats
BL: but the cats were to smart for him
BL: but every time a hamster bit me I'd thrown them in his tank
CO: serves the hamsters right
CO: and you served the hamsters
CO: they been served
BL: right
BL: also, very few shopping days left until your brides birthday, may I suggest we start having children right away?(Link:
CO: I hope you don't expect a bday presetn and a wedding present
CO: Nice dollies!
BL: I expect both
BL: from the pets
BL: not from you
CO: fair enough
BL: I wonder if we can get people to send us weddin gifts
BL: we could use some virtual dishware
CO: True. Have you selected patterns? Where should we register?
BL: uh...given the nature of our nuptuals I'm thinking Petsmart.
CO: How abput Petco - that's where the pets go.
BL: I already got everything we need from there, I managed a petco for years
CO: nice!
BL: can I call you "my pet" from now on?
BL: and will you call me "my bride"
BL: ?
CO: hmmm
CO: why do i end up being a pet?
BL: it's so 40's
CO: how about I call you "Sunshine"?
BL: besides, who get's more love and affection than a pet
CO: oh, please?
CO: "bunny fluff"?
BL: I have someone at the office who calls me that and I hate them.
BL: Oh, bunny fluff I like
BL: we can go with bunny fluff
CO: Then it's settled
CO: or
CO: I should say
CO: Then it is settled, Bunny Fluff.
BL: I may have to chage yours to snookums though
CO: that seems fair
CO: And, I see you've already spilled the beans about our wedding!
BL: I couldn't wait
BL: I was so excited
BL: You're a hot property
CO: We haven't even sent out invitations, yet!
BL: we're inviting people?
BL: we don't like anybody
CO: well, maybe not people
CO: but we'll invite something
BL: gibbons?
CO: that'll work.
BL: flamingos
CO: Indeed! And gnomes!
BL: oh well gnomes go witout saying
CO: Sprites?
BL: will carry the flowers
CO: yay!
BL: and a druid can perform the ceremony
CO: Oh!
CO: And we need ghosts! What's a wedding w/o ghosts?
BL: admit it , I'm the perfect wife for you. I invited the ghosts last week
CO: lol it does seem that way
CO: except for the whole reality tv thing
BL: it's what I'll do while you write
CO: fair enough
BL: plus at parties I'll be the one with the pop knowledge and you'll be....everything else
CO: I've always wanted to be everything else!
BL: and now you can be
CO: Wow! All my dreams realized in one day!
BL: just remember who made it come tru
BL: e
CO: Indeed
BL: It'd probably be better if it didn't happen on april fools day...
CO: true
BL: but when we last forever everyone will know it's real
CO: true. but right up until then they'll be expecting it to fall apart
BL: they don't know us
BL: hang on, student needs your fluffy bunny
CO: k
BL: or whatever I am
BL: okay, sorry, his dad's sick and he wanted to talk
BL: he's sensitive
CO: that's very nice of you
BL: he's a good buddy, I'd keep him in my pocket if I weren't gettin married tomorrow
BL: He wants to come to the wedding
BL: He's more lephrichaun than human, can we invite him?
CO: Well, it was bound to happen... some filthy human would come
CO: how much leprichaun exactly?
BL: 96%
BL: and another 4 % is merman
CO: I guess that'll do. Tell him he better bring some Lucky Charms, tho
BL: so only 2% human
CO: Sweet! Can we do our vows in power point?
BL: I want to use Chiller as a font
BL: Oh, that's what we should post on monday
BL: our vows
CO: lol
CO: ok
CO: Oh, this'll be fun!
CO: heheh
BL: now I have a goal for the weekend other than getting my heart broken again
CO: Yeah, that's always a good thing!
BL: I'll be sobbing all over everyone by monday if I see him...but maybe not in the diary, his daughter reads it.
CO: hmm... maybe the wedding will make him mad with jealousy?
BL: you know, if he believed I was getting married I believe he'd have a hard time with it
CO: Yeah
CO: I'm so glad the weekend is here
BL: I'll know if I am or not by later tonight
BL: at least it's gonna rain like hell tomorrow
CO: yay!
CO: rainy saturdya!
CO: that way i wont feel bad about watching cartoons all day
CO: oh, wait
CO: i have to go to a stupid bookstore tupid tomorro to return a stupid book for a friend
CO: stupid
BL: ahem.
CO: oh, right
CO: and get married
CO: that, too
BL: I'm gonna get left at the alter for sure
CO: nah, i woulda remembered
BL: when you saw Smitey in the tux
CO: he would look cute in a penguin suit
It’s not nice to lie to the elderly
[16:39] BL: I'm gonna buy hair color on my way home, I'm getting old and my roots are showin
[16:39] CO: that stinks!
[16:39] CO: what color?/
[16:39] BL: don't matter, it will turn red
[16:40] BL: no matter what color I buy my hair goes red
[16:40] BL: but at least it gets the roots caught up with the rest
[16:40] BL: I'll buy Butterscotch Creme which will have no red in it.
[16:40] BL: I'll take a picture of it for you tomorrow. It will be red
[16:40] CO: lol ok
[16:40] BL: my daddy was a redhead.
[16:40] CO: save some of the butterscotch, tho
[16:41] BL: seriously on the box it looks so good you could eat it with a spoon.
[16:41] BL: just like butterscotch pudding
[16:41] CO: nice
[16:41] BL: on my head? not so much
[16:41] BL: can you see my hair in the eye pic from yesterday?
[16:41] CO: I don't recall
[16:41] BL: That's what happened the last time I used the butterscotch stuff.
[16:42] CO: most pudding looks less edible once it's in someone's hair
[16:42] BL: [LINK]
[16:42] BL: that's so not butterscotch[16:43] CO: you're right. not butterscotchy at all
[16:43] BL: I'd be disappointed if it came out with no red at all though...
[16:43] BL: maybe I won't mess with it
[16:43] BL: Maybe I'll just do the roots
[16:44] CO: does the stuff attract bees or anything?
[16:44] BL: no bees.
[16:44] BL: a couple of school kids around lunchtime
[16:44] CO: lol. do you have school kid repellent?
[16:46] BL: They pretty much run away when I ask them to crawl into the oven
[16:46] CO: hmm... too bad. I could use a snack.
[16:47] BL: I have that mints?
[16:47] CO: Hmm... think I'll pass. I prefer spearamint to rotting fleshamint
[16:48] BL: fussy boy
[16:48] CO: I'm a fussy eater
[16:48] BL: that rat slid right down though huh?
[16:49] CO: I wont eat foods with the letter k in them
[16:49] CO: or that come in packs of 17
[16:49] CO: except cake
[16:49] BL: 17 is my lucky number
[16:49] CO: or 17 cakes
[16:49] BL: cake comes in packs of 17?
[16:49] CO: Hopefully
[16:49] BL: ooooh, I have rum cake at home, I'm gonna buy rum on my way home and soak that baby
[16:50] BL: so no baked potatoes
[16:50] BL: no steak
[16:50] CO: well, how many are in the bag?
[16:50] BL: don't matter, they have a K
[16:50] CO: no, that refers to the way they are cooked
[16:50] BL: oh, so they can be prepared with a K just not include a K
[16:51] BL: but still no steak
[16:51] CO: because i'd be in real trouble since there is a k in cook
[16:51] BL: or shake and bake because that's their name as well as how they're cooked
[16:51] BL: please don't eat the cook
[16:51] CO: I make an exception for steak
[16:51] BL: oh you eat everything with K's in it don't you.
[16:51] CO: uh... yeah... that whole thing was a lie
[16:51] BL: I can't believe you lied to me.
[16:51] BL: On
[16:51] BL: My
[16:51] BL: BIRTHDAY
[16:52] BL: :-(
[16:52] CO: I'm lieing to you precisely because it's your birthday. It's your special birthday lie.
[16:52] BL: You're just like those
[16:52] BL: oh.
[16:52] BL: you should have told me that right up front
[16:52] BL: I didn't see the bow on it.
[16:52] CO: Nah, you can't give away the birthday lie. You have to guess it.
[16:53] BL: Do you know, I just cruised over to my message board where I haven't played for MONTHS and there were 2 birthday messages for me?
[16:53] BL: See, we tee vee people are WAY nicer than you book people.
[16:55] CO: Yeah, I guess so... :(
[16:56] BL: it's cause we're not that bright.
[16:56] BL: :-D
[16:56] BL: stupid but happy
[16:56] CO: Nah, it's cuz we book people is pretentious
[16:56] BL: it might be both
[16:56] CO: could be